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Empowering Regional Economic Development in Ohio

Lake to River is dedicated to creating sustainable economic growth through site development, business attraction and retention, and strategic infrastructure enhancement. These initiatives uplift our region, integrating project management, talent acquisition, and marketing for community betterment. Join us in shaping a brighter future for Eastern Ohio.

Driving Sustainable Economic Growth in Eastern Ohio

Connecting Local Initiatives with Global Opportunities

At Lake to River, we’re dedicated to transforming Eastern Ohio’s economic landscape by fostering growth, innovation, and community development. Our approach is rooted in strategic collaboration, leveraging the unique assets of our region to build a resilient and prosperous
future for all.

Discover how we’re making a difference:

  • Strategic Site Development: Leveraging local assets to create construction-ready sites for businesses and investors.
  • Comprehensive Workforce Coalition: Building a skilled workforce tailored to the evolving needs of our economy.
  • Innovative Economic Corridors: Enhancing connectivity and access through the development of key regional corridors like Route 11.
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About Lake to River

Lake to River is at the forefront of fostering equitable economic development in Eastern Ohio, centered in a four-county region bordering western Pennsylvania, extending from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. The Lake to River corridor is an advanced manufacturing and energy hub centered between Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh within a one-day drive of 50% of the US and Canadian populations.

Our unique assets include:

  • Abundance of low-cost electric and natural gas
  • Deep water ports on Lake Erie and the Ohio River
  • Vast network of rail and road infrastructure
  • Quality educational institutions
  • Productive workforce


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Driving Regional Transformation

Site Readiness

Lake to River is committed to priming our region for sustainable growth by enhancing infrastructure and readying sites for future investments. Our focus on site readiness ensures that businesses have the foundation they need to thrive, driving economic prosperity and job creation

Workforce Coalition

At the heart of our initiatives is the empowerment of our workforce. By fostering collaboration between educational institutions organizations, we’re building a skilled, industry-ready workforce. Our efforts aim to align education with the evolving needs of the economy, ensuring a bright future for our communities.

Route 11 Corridor Development

The development of the Route 11 Corridor is a cornerstone of our strategy to enhance connectivity and economic integration across Eastern Ohio, By improving this key infrastructure, we’re facilitating smoother access to markets, resources, and opportunities, fostering regional cohesion and collective prosperity.

Founding Investors

Help Shape the Future

We’re here to foster economic growth and innovation in our region. Whether you’re a local business owner, potential partner, or community member, we want to hear from you. Share your ideas, ask questions, or start a conversation with us today.

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